Our Team



Chef and Owner

Faith is a native of Wyoming with a love and passion for food and people.

Mealtime was always her favorite as a kid, having a large family meant the gatherings weren’t complete without all the homemade fixings. Aunts and uncles, cousins, and siblings would sit down for mealtime together and the food would not disappoint.

She has always been inspired by how a meal can bring people together and delighted in the amazing ways food can be prepared.

Faith left the state in the pursuit of a culinary career. She found herself in Colorado working and growing in various kitchens.

“I would pester my chefs with questions trying to absorb as much as I could. Then I would come home researching and writing menu ideas of my own.” Soon after, she enrolled in culinary school. Here, Andrew and Faith met. She claims they not only learned how to cook but also acquired a greater appreciation of where food comes from and the importance of quality.  

A former fine-dining chef in Boulder, Colorado, Faith gained the desire to serve guests with the utmost hospitality. 

“I was working in Colorado to further my culinary knowledge and experience. Not only did I learn about fresh new tastes, but also how to bring them to life by creating a truly memorable experience. I am ready to bring that home.”


Baker and Owner

Andrew grew up in the small southern New Mexican town of Alamogordo. His love for food started at an early age. His grandmother introduced him to gardening, showing him the joy of working with his hands and playing in the dirt. 

As Andrew was older, he worked on his own garden which deepened his love for food even more. Eventually, his food interests focused on the kitchen and would test different recipes out on his friends and family. Some were home runs, others not so much. However, this never stopped him from having fun in the kitchen.

Andrew left New Mexico to attend Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, worked in different kitchens, studied different techniques from chefs, and found new ways to cook. There he learned fundamental knowledge of cooking and met his wife, Faith, which opened the doors of opportunity to his new journey. Soon the two began the adventure of Bernie’s Cafe.

Andrew helped developed the bread recipes for the menu as well as contributed to creating new and exciting items to serve.

“My priority when I see anyone come by is to make their day better, whether it’s by the food I serve or by my smile.”


Bernie "Mr. Bean"

Forever Mascot

Bernie was a friendly, smart, sassy, and cute-to-boot chihuahua-pug mix. Being the inspiration behind the cafe, he was very adamant about making sure every guest got wet-nose kisses and happy tail wag greetings. However, with much consideration, the management team thought it best to greet everyone with a warm welcome, just without kisses or tail wags. Sadly, Bernie passed away in 2021, but his memory lives on in the community through his food truck.