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A Cheyenne Local Business

To Our Community

At Bernie's Cafe, we are dedicated to serving you. From our bread and pastries to our locally roasted coffee, our menu is made fresh to order. Our priority is ensuring that you receive the best quality service and care, starting with a warm welcome and ending with a homemade meal.

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"I had “the grazer” at Super Day and it was absolutely delicious! The best vegan sandwich I’ve ever had and their homemade kettle chips were on a whole other level! Will definitely be following this food truck around town!"

-Stephanie H.

"One of those nights where nothing sounds good for dinner and we stumbled across Bernie's Cafe. fabulous sandwiches! Fresh ingredients and amazing homemade bread. We'll definitely seek them out again."

-Tanya P.

"I am not easily impressed by food vendors, but the sandwich I ate from Bernie's Cafe was AWESOME! Homemade bread, great beef, actual caramelized onions and even homemade chips. On top of the fantastic food, the value AND the service are excellent!"

-John I.

"Amazing is not even a strong enough word to describe how great this food is. The cooking area is very clean and the staff is great and has a wonderful sense of humor."

-Shawn B.

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